Radioactive powered LCD Fairchild watch

Ever wanted to walk around with a radioactive watch on your wrist? AND look cool at the same time. Meet the Fairchild LCD watch.



So this is a strange one.

Fairchild produced watches with impressive styles and excellent, sturdy construction. This is the Fairchild Tritium LCD watch.

Strangely though, it also had a backlight powered by radioactive Tritium! Crazy! Tritium has a limited life, so the original Tritium has lost its glow but if you wanted to add some radioactive power back into this watch… just ask the internet! Here’s a tutorial describing exactly that!

This model is beautifully symmetric, brushed steel, and it FEELS big and sturdy. The LCD display is gloriously crisp, and it is a good reliable piece of kit.

This watch is NOS condition, absolutely mint, comes with the complete set of packaging including the outer box, inner box, user manual and even the original dinky little price tag! 🙂


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