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Novus gold LED retro watch in original box

I've been stocking up on the gold watches recently, they are having a bit of a style renaissance. So when a gold NOVUS LED watch - in original box, even with the wee retro price taggy thing - comes along, it's time to take notice...

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Novus LED watch – perfect retro LED watch

Is this the best of the Novus LED range? For years I've liked the "long flat" model, but this hexagon bad boy is starting to change my mind. And this model here is the best example of this model I've ever had in stock! It won't be in stock for long... of that I am sure...

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Novus LED Gold watch – white novus brand

Greetings. Far and away the most popular watches at the site at the moment, the Novus range. This is another belter - Novus in gold, with the Novus logo emblazoned on the face in white. If you fancy these watches, I suggest you add your name to the mailing list at the bottom of the page. Mailing list subscribers get first chance to buy.

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Novus LED Gold – white Novus brand

Greetings. Far and away the most popular watches at the site at the moment...


Novus LED watch with Novus brand

Here's another classy LED watch from Novus. This is one of my favourites - I love this classy style.


Novus LED long flat watch

Here we have the piece de resistance of the Novus selection. In my opinion anyway, you might like an another one better. I like this watch because of it's flat shape and unusual strap.


Novus LED NOS watch

Feast your eyes on this highly saught after Novus LED watch.


Novus LED watch in an oblong shape

Well...this is gorgeous. You can see that from the photos. A really unique shape of watch, which measures up at 34x42x10mm.


Novus LED watch hexagonal shape

Amazing Novus NOS LED watch...


Novus 1970’s classic gold LED watch

Well well well. I've finally got my filthy hands on one of these highly saught after Novus LED watches. Not only is this a rare, working bling-filled watch, it's in A1 MINT CONDITION


Exelar LED NOS watch

If you like the Novus range then you should be a fan of this Exelar piece.



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