“Voicer” – the talking 80’s LCD watch

Now HERE’S an unusual watch. If someone asks you the time and you can’t be arsed answering, then this may be what you need. It’s a talking watch! Yes, a talking watch. Okay, a bit cheesy, but it’s definitely reeking of early 1980’s cool and is a nifty watch in it’s own right…

Pretty simple, sharp LCD display with the “talk” button at the top right. Click once to get a nice lady tell you the time. The voice is very clear, and I suppose this watch could have genuine use if you wanted to know the time in the middle of the night without switching lights on etc etc. Sod that though, it’s just REALLY cool!!!

As I said, it’s big, it’s black and it has a funny voice – no, it’s not Lenny Henry, it’s the “Voicer” LCD watch. Seriously though, it’s a chunky watch on a black plastic casing – very sturdy and measuring a nice 36mm x 36mm x 10mm. Genuinely cool watch this…

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nic spiers
September 12, 2010 at 9:44 am

Where can I buy one of these and can I get one sent to New Zealand?

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